Waylz Stock Market Live Games App shown on Iphone

Join a League

Join any of the Fantasy Stock Leagues from the Lobby screen and buy into the competition with your Waylz coins. No real money is involved, but you can win actual prizes for dominating your league. Earn more Waylz coins by claiming victory in your leagues, or check out the Bank screen for more options. 


Choose your Stocks

Once you join a league, you can draft your lineup by choosing stocks from various industry sectors. Click on any stock to research its key performance information and add it to your lineup. During hours that the market is closed, you can drop and add different stocks in order to change your lineup for the next day.  

 Waylz example of available stocks line up on Iphone
 Waylz app's live leagues on Iphone screen

My Roster

Manage your performance in the live leagues to understand what your stock selecting strengths are. You can also see your overall gain in any league so you can figure out how much you would have gained or lost under actual investment circumstances.